Bluegrass Region Safety & Drives

Bluegrass Region Roads

Roads on most of our drives are typical in the Bluegrass Region. Some are very narrow with no shoulders and high drop-offs, and they often have large trees growing at the edge of the pavement. Virtually all of the roads on the tour are TWO WAY except for several bridges that are signed as “One Lane Bridge”.

In all cases, when permitted, except on one-lane bridges, it is safe to pass oncoming cars – CAREFULLY! Should you encounter an oncoming farm truck on a narrow road it is prudent to pull over to the right and make way for the truck. Many roads on the drives are hilly and winding and are often shared with farm equipment and bicycles. Please be careful when cresting hills and making tight turns, as sight distance is often limited. Staying within the posted speed limits and advisory speeds is always recommended. Most RR crossings are not gated and have cross bucks only. Drive carefully and enjoy!

The routes were specifically selected to include the most beautiful scenery in Kentucky, and arguably, the whole country! This is a driving tours, and as such, they are best enjoyed at moderate and safe speeds. Route instructions are intended to be clear and concise with no “trick” directions. All instructions and points of interest are shown to the nearest tenth of a mile but please understand that no two odometers are exactly alike. Your mileage may vary from the mileage listed.

It is highly recommended that the tours in this book be run with a navigator who reads the instructions to the driver, then checks them off as each instruction is completed. This is the safest way and it helps keep track of progress along the way. We don’t want you to get lost.