The Sterling British Motoring Society meets the first Tuesday of every month to discuss upcoming drives and events, and as an excuse to get together for general merriment. In addition to the monthly meetings, we communicate the events and upcoming drives to club members via email.

As a club member, your membership includes a subscription to The British Marque Car Club News, a newspaper style newsletter published monthly (except January). The British Marque Car Club News features interesting and informative articles about our LBC’s, and articles from other subscribing British car clubs around the United States and Canada. Our co-editors, Catesby Woodford and Tom Crutcher, submit an article about our club happenings every month.

If you have something you would like to have included in an article, please bring it with you to a meeting or e-mail it to Tom Crutcher at

Our deadline for The British Marque Car Club News is the 15th of the month, so please have any entries or contributions to us by the 11th of the month.